André Kan - Patternized


Patternized is a series of murals which were custom designed for the Humber College Lakeshore Campus F Building by Toronto-artist André Kan in collaboration with current (2022/2023) Humber College students in the Advertising and Graphic Design and Advertising - Art Direction programs.  

The murals showcase André Kan’s signature style which focuses on spacial structures and interconnectivity. Utilizing geometric shapes, typography, and a creative use of space, Kan creates architectural pieces which are both complex and substantial, yet un-anchored. Icons and geometric shapes travel through Kan’s visual notion of space and time creating a playful dynamic representing creativity and interactivity in a digital age. Kan’s creative process is highly intuitive, allowing the space and composition to emerge organically as the shapes repeat and build on one another. Included throughout the compositions are program codes from the Faculty of Media and Creative Arts, Social and Media Communications program cluster which were designed by typography students, a celebration of the variety of skills and learning present within this space. 

Typography designs inspired by: Natalie Grakovski, Rosana Ijiro, Victoria Carone, & Khushboo Patel.


Additional images by André Kan



André Kan Artist Bio

Andre Kan is an artist, muralist, photographer, curator, producer, and musician. His paintings have been showcased throughout Canada and are included in permanent collections in the U.S and China. His murals can also be seen internationally including London, Spain, Portugal and Taiwan.


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