Artist RegionOntario
DescriptionThis spare composition differs greatly from the two other Authier works in the collection, consisting of two darker abstracted shapes slightly off-centre on a white background. The two shapes are rendered in similar colours and painting styles, and are mostly, but not entirely separated from one another, connected with light brown brush strokes between them. This gives the impression that the forms are either separating, as if preserved in the act of cellular mitosis, or perhaps joining to become one shape. The shape on the left appears to be rooted in place, whereas the smaller shape on the right seems suspended in mid-air, creating a contrast between movement and stillness.
Materials Watercolour and ink on paper
40 × 50.2 cm (15 3/4 × 19 3/4 in.)
Object number HUM-2013-00003
In Collection(s):
Credit Line Courtesy Humber Galleries