Joshua Jensen-Nagel, A Loneliness That No One Should Know, 2008
A Loneliness That No One Should Know
Artist RegionOntario
DescriptionJensen-Nagle's series consists of atmospheric, melancholy images of ballet dancers photographed through glass or other means of distortion, utilizing photography as artistic expression rather than an attempt to replicate reality.
This photographic print depicts a lone dancer at the base of an elongated black canvas, rendered in sepia tones that evoke an archival photograph. The lighter values at the top of the image create the sense that the dancer is at the bottom of a pit, or possibly underwater, with the light streaming in from above that never reaches her in her darkness. This theme of loneliness is corroborated by the work's title.
Materials Archival ink on Diasec
43.2 × 120.7 × 5.1 cm (17 × 47 1/2 × 2 in.)
Object number HUM-2013-00004
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Credit Line Courtesy Humber Galleries