Jason McKay, From a Distant Tuna Can, 2012
From a Distant Tuna Can
Artist RegionOntario
DescriptionThis mixed media work depicts two double helix DNA models emerging from a tuna can, rendered in different colours to represent different nucleobases, as is usual for models of the Watson & Crick DNA structure. Like McKay’s other works, this piece depicts a scientific subject rendered against a black background, adapting the logical, scientific diagram into an artistic interpretation. The use of the tuna can echoes the study of the dawn of life - all forms of life, human and animal, once emerged from the ocean, much as the double helixes emerge from the “ocean” of the tuna can.
Materials Mixed media
ClassificationMixed Media
43.2 × 76.2 cm (17 × 30 in.)
Object number HUM-2013-00009
In Collection(s):
Location Lakeshore Campus, Welcome Centre, WEL302
Credit Line Courtesy Humber Galleries