Dean West, Under the Sun - NB2, 2012
Under the Sun - NB2
Artist RegionInternational
DescriptionUnder the Sun (NB2) features an immersive blue sky that dominates most of the image, as well as an ocean and a beach crowded with people. In this work, West has brought a feeling of calm and relaxation to a visually chaotic and crowded scene. West uses authoritative horizontal lines to make three divisions; the lines divide the sky, the ocean and the beach. West also uses space in between sections of people to help the viewer digest the photograph and create a sense of openness..
West uses only light values in this image, a characteristic element of the entire Under the Sun series. The light values and minimal contrast add a lighthearted presence that emphasizes the overall calm and relaxed feeling of the image.
Materials C-print
81.3 × 101.6 cm (32 × 40 in.)
Object number HUM-2013-00010
In Collection(s):
Location North Campus, Building LRC
Credit Line Courtesy Humber Galleries