Andrew Dexel, Raven Child, 2011
Raven Child
Artist RegionWest Coast
DescriptionThis work forms part of Andrew Dexel’s series of works entitled Nooaitch, which were born out of the artist’s experiences travelling through Brazil and Arizona in order to broaden his artistic scope beyond the purview of his training in Northwest Coast art production. The series of works aims to heighten the sense of interconnectedness between North and South American indigenous communities, particularly in the realm of indigenous methods of healing and medicine, combining artistic influence, colour palettes, and motifs to create pieces that defy the boundaries of traditional and modern. The symmetry of this piece and the use of colour are intended by Dexel as a sort of “visual medicine”, evoking a sense of peace and harmony in the viewer. This particular piece references the myth of Raven, the trickster figure and culture hero present throughout Northwest Coast indigenous mythology, who symbolizes transformation and cunning.
Materials Acrylic on wood panel
91.4 × 91.4 cm (36 × 36 in.)
Object number HUM-2013-00013
In Collection(s):
Location Lakeshore Campus, Building A
Credit Line Courtesy Humber Galleries