Artist RegionOntario
DescriptionThese two drawings by Abbas Akhavan are part of a larger suite of works, the final six of which were produced in 2015 as part of an artist residency on Fogo Island, NL. Produced by placing the paper on a forty-five degree platform, ink is then applied and moved with a brush, aided by gravity. The resulting grids are formed without guides. As in many of his other works, Akhavan’s choice of material, here degradable stone paper, speaks broadly to his interest in the power of ephemeral or time-based projects. Despite their current physical state, with continued exposure to light these works will eventually disintegrate. In other words, the artist’s sustained interest in time and permanence is reflected in his choice of materials.
Materials Ink on stone paper
63.5 × 44.5 cm (25 × 17 1/2 in.)
Object number HUM-2015-00006
Location North Campus, Building LRC, LRC 2nd Floor, Student Wellness & Accessibility Centre
Credit Line Courtesy Humber Galleries