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John Snow, Vittoria, Date Unknown

John Snow

1911 - 2004. Lived and worked in Calgary, AB.
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Dr. John Harold Thomas Snow was an accomplished artist working primarily in lithographs, as well as a successful banker with the Royal Bank of Canada for much of his life. Described as a “Renaissance man”, in 1953 he purchased a discarded lithograph press from the Western Printing and Lithograph Company for $15 and set to teaching himself the artistic method he would become most known for. He preferred printing to painting, as he was able to create richer colours, and created hundreds of vividly coloured prints of figures, still lifes, and landscapes. By 1984, he was recognized as one of the most important printmakers in Canada, and his work contributed to Alberta becoming renowned internationally as a printmaking centre. His works have been exhibited in the Edmonton Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Royal Ontario Museum, and he was honoured with the Alberta Order of Excellence for his lifetime cultural contributions in 1996.
John Snow, Vittoria, Date Unknown