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Annie Baillargeon, L'arrivee, 2013

Annie Baillargeon

born 1978. Lives and works in Quebec City, QC.
Artist RegionQuebec
Annie Baillargeon explores the connection between methods of representations through digital photomontage and drawings with an existentialist twist, often evoking feelings of strangeness and unease. Born in 1978 in Quebec, the artist received her BFA from Université Laval in 2001. Baillargeon has exhibited widely in Canada and internationally including exhibitions in North and South America, Europe and Australia. Her work can be found in significant collections including the National Gallery of Canada and Bank of Montreal. Annie Baillargeon is the 2015 National Salt Spring Art Prize winner and is represented by the Galerie D’Este in Montreal.
Annie Baillargeon, L'arrivee, 2013