Andrew Dexel

born 1982. Lives and works in Vancouver, BC.
Artist RegionWest Coast
Andrew (Enpaauk) Dexel (born 1982, Canada) is an artist from the Nlakapamux Nation who is known for the innovative fusion of graffiti art and Indigenous symbolism characteristic of his paintings and prints. While exploring themes of urbanity and changing landscapes, his works maintain a profound respect for the traditions and spiritual and supernatural elements that inform their composition. Dexel’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Vancouver, Toronto, Kamloops, Ottawa, Seattle and Honolulu.

“Nature and a ceremonial way of life is my biggest inspiration, I enjoy expanding my creative vision and always look forward at what’s to come. I hope people can see, feel and experience my art work in good way for the over all purpose of spiritual upliftment”.
Andrew Dexel, Raven Child, 2011