Greig Sanders - Reactivation


Lunch Break by Greig Sanders


Inspired by: Glowing in The Dark by Jacob Soucy

Artist Statement:

This piece was influenced by Jacob Souby’s Glowing in The Dark. I listened to the piece several times in order to get a feel and idea for the music, and for what I wanted to create from it. The beat and synthesizers provided a semi-futuristic feeling and I decided to veer towards a sort of high-tech scene with some Ghibli influence. The piece consists of a landscape with the main focal point being a ramshackle delivery mech, upon which a girl and her cat sit, taking a break from a busy day of deliveries. I chose to paint this scene entirely in photoshop, using an array of vivid colors to attempt to bring the piece to life.


This work inspired Girls on Brooms by Erica Thi & What Life Could’ve Been by Anna-Lisa Barrett






Artist: Greig Sanders
Program: Visual and Digital Arts

Greig Sanders is an Artist and aspiring concept artist/illustrator. Originally a mechanical engineer, he decided to start studying art as a hobby in 2018 and quickly developed a passion for it before deciding to switch professions entirely.


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