Quarantots - Choose Your Own Field Trip

How to get involved:

1. Visit any of our past eight Virtual Field Trips by clicking on the banners below.

2. Find an artwork or object from the field trip that you really like and turn it into your own, brand new artwork! (Any medium is welcome)

3. Share your newly created masterpiece with us to post in a special online art gallery right here next Monday. *Submission steps are below*


























Submissions Steps:

  • Share a photo of the work on Facebook or Twitter and tag @HumberGalleries or use the hashtags #AGOmakes and #Quarantots
    • Note: we are only able to see and share posts from public profiles
  • Send us a direct message on Instagram with a photo of the work
    • Feel free to post the work on your own profile and tag @humbergalleries or use the hashtags #AGOmakes and #Quarantots
  • Fill in the online submissions form HERE


What to include in your submission:

  • A photo of the artwork itself
    • For privacy reasons please do not include any photos that could be used to identify any individuals
  • The first name of the artist
  • The age of the artist
    • Submissions are open to children age 16 and under



Disclaimer: These works will be shared online (and on social media if the submitter gives us permission) on this website which is public and available for anyone to view. Please do not include any photos, text, or names that may identify an individual involved or that you are not comfortable with being shared publicly. Please let us know if you would like anything omitted from your submission (name, age, cropping of photo) before it is posted and shared online.