Pratibha Dixit

Pratibha Dixit - Quarantine Moods - 1Pratibha Dixit - Quarantine Moods - 2

Pratibha Dixit - Quarantine Moods - 3



Artist Pratibha Dixit
Humber ProgramCreative Photography Student
WorkQuarantine Moods (above) • Textures of Death Valley (below)

Artwork Description • 

Quarantine Moods - These shots are self portraits taken when the pandemic hit us all. It highlights the artist's moods in different settings such as the dining room, living room and bedroom during the lockdown.

Textures of Death Valley - These shots were taken at Death Valley which are wrinkled badlands banded in yellow, beige, and cream colours that signifies the presence of different minerals. I waited for the sun to set and as the clouds and the mountains merged with the colours of the setting sun, I took the shot to capture the beautiful textured patterns of the Zabriskie Point. The last photo was taken at Badwater Basin in Death Valley which is a salt flat and is home to the lowest elevation in North America.



Pratibha Dixit - Textures of Death Valley - 1

Pratibha Dixit - Textures of Death Valley - 2Pratibha Dixit - Textures of Death Valley - 3



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