Nuit Blanche Fellowship



Humber Galleries and Humber College Lakeshore Campus are pleased to partner with the City of Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche event by establishing the Nuit Blanche Fellowship. Under the supervision and mentorship of Humber staff, a team of multi-disciplinary students are invited to explore their individual artistic talents, while working together on the ideation and production of a single and dynamic artistic project inspired by Nuit Blanche’s curatorial theme. Nuit Blanche has had a massive impact on Toronto and grown into one of the largest public art exhibitions in North America. This free and annual overnight event presents opportunities for audiences to explore new neighborhoods and engage with contemporary art in public spaces.

Click here to view UNIPLEX - Created by the 2023 Nuit Blanche Fellowship



Past Years

Nuit Blanche Fellowship 2021

Nuit Blanche Fellowship 2022