Reactivation x Notes for Tomorrow




What does inspiration and collaboration look like in a distanced setting? 

What does the world look and feel like to creatives this long into the pandemic?


As part of the upcoming exhibition, Notes for Tomorrow, we're excited to launch a special iteration of our REACTIVATION Project to explore creation, inspiration and the changed world a few years into a pandemic.

What is REACTIVATION? This project brings together a group of multi-disciplinary Humber students to explore how disciplines can inspire creation in one another while working completely separated.

This version of REACTIVATION is a bit different than our previous iterations. This time we're kicking things off with an open call for artwork to all Humber College students; we're asking students to submit creative works that speak to the prompt "How life feels to me after living through a few years of a global pandemic". A selection of these works will be chosen by a panel of Humber staff to be part of our REACTIVATION Virtual Gallery as part of Notes for Tomorrow. From there, each participating student will be paired with an artwork in the gallery and be tasked with using it as inspiration in the creation of a new, original artwork that will be added to the virtual gallery once this project is completed. In the end, students chosen to be part of this project will have two original artworks as part of our virtual gallery!

For more information, download our REACTIVATION One Pager HERE                                                          



Who can apply:

This project is open to all Humber College Students and recent Alumni (within 3 years of graduation). Students and Alumni from any program may apply.
Space is limited to 15 participants and will be selected by a panel of Humber staff and faculty.
All participants chosen will be given a $200 honourarium for their participation - This will be paid out in the form of an EverythingCard.

How to apply:

Click here to complete the application form

When does this project run: 

This project will be split into two creation phases:

Phase 1 is an open call for creative works that will result in a virtual gallery as part of Notes for Tomorrow - Runs until November 20th, 2022

Phase 2 will pair each selected artist with another work in the virtual gallery to act as inspiration for the creation of an original work - Runs December 5th, 2022 - January 29th, 2023



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