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Phase 2 Work


Still Life - Erica Thi

Based on Solitude 2022 by Isabel Cevallos

Artist Statement:

This poem is inspired by Isabel Cevallos’ Solitude 2022 in which a figure sits alone dressed in monochromatic clothing and blankets against a similar colour background. Cevallos’ work conveys a coziness and a damper mood from the model’s downward expression. This poem attempts to replicate a similar experience of loneliness and incorporate the motif of memento mori, which Cevallos did by blending a skull into the cave-like background.



Phase 1 Work

By Erica Thi

I knead together
Flour, butter and chocolate chips 
Baking cookies in the microwave 
With no egg today
And there’s a little window in my basement room
Snow covering the view
But I want to see more
Maybe next year

Headed to the gallery at a reserved time
In line patiently 
To see the blue period 
In the opposite hall there’s another sight
Warm yet shattering yellow brakes through 
Moonlight, starlight upon two clips of ferns and flowers

I return from the seven
It’s eleven minutes from the lake
Their hot pizza is so delicious wedged between 
The nine hours of online school
Watching the instructor on the screen 
I write study notes for another class
As I rewatch yesterday’s lecture 
And my neighbors still see that little basement window glow past midnight
I dip the crust and pepperoni into that 
Little ranch cup with the baby blue lid

On an impromptu trip I eat a breakfast sandwich
Wiping biscuit grease from the side of my mouth 
And slip on a mask to enter the national ballet
Dancers return to the stage in spring and weave wreaths 
Of pink and yellow flowers 
The beauty sleeps and for what feels to be a hundred years
Before reawakening 

These two years are a slow movement 
So surely if it were a meal
Each bite must be enjoyed thoroughly to last till the far morning
Before the sun rises to greet it 
Then one morning I’m at the diner
Spreading firm strawberry jelly 
Across buttered toast 
And the next year has already arrived 



Adage - Erica Thi

Artist Statement:

This poem focuses on the desire to do as many things as possible to make up for lost time. Although the last two years have been a very slow transition, life is returning to normal with various adjustments. This poem looks to celebrate small instances that make us happy such as food and art, while continuing to look forward to what the future brings.



Artist: Erica Thi
Program: Advertising Media Management Alumni

Erica Thi enjoys writing stories and poetry as a creative outlet. Her inspiration is everything from flowery poetry to contemporary plays. She has recently taken a lot of inspiration from Toronto events and galleries.