Melinda Komuves - Reactivation x NFT

Phase 2 Work


Raw Boundaries - Melinda Komuves

Based on Go Further Back by Andres Arroyo

Artist Statement:

Based on the art piece she received, Melinda created the image called “Raw Boundaries”.  Melinda is passionate about building up the confidence and self-love of women around her. Her love to capture the true form of the female form in honour to celebrate the rawness and beauty of each individual emerged from her own experience as a girl, woman, and mother. Melinda finds the raw form empowering as it sheds the pressures of society away. "Raw Boundaries” is all about being fully at peace with “no pressure, no rush” as Andres Arroyo has described in his artist statement. "Raw Boundaries" is about being you - in the flesh with nothing to cover or hide away, fully living and breathing, existing without judgement, socioeconomic status, or any other societal pressure we put ourselves under. A testimony to the mother, the woman, the wife, the human. We can all relate to one of these.




Phase 1 Work


Through the mud - Melinda Komuves

Artist Statement:

Life after pandemic feel like this: you get mud thrown in your face, you learn to cope and adapt, and you move on. You move on with the mud residue left on your clothes, tinting the past and forming your future. Everything that you do will be a reflection of the hard times you went through and all the things that you have learnt. Life after the pandemic, for me, is all about learning to smile after hard times, it's about the growth we go through as people and society. The image shows two women who have gone through mud and hell to be here today. As one of them is looking up to the sky, it's like finding hope for a better future regardless of our own past experiences. After all, we can't appreciate the sunshine without the rainfall.



Artist: Melinda Komuves
Program: Photography

Melinda Komuves was born and raised in Hungary. A mother of four young children, she got into photography as a way of capturing their early lives and important milestones. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with the medium and left her Early Childhood Education career behind to pursue photography full time. As a photographer, Melinda works predominantly with women in hopes to impart the gift of confidence, self-love, self-value, and memory onto her clients so that they may cherish a particular moment in time in their lives forever. Melinda believes photography to be the most universal form of expression, as it has the potential to connect all individuals regardless of age, gender, or language. Melinda is strives to evolve her skills to better create and serve the people around her.

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