Andres Arroyo - Reactivation x NFT

Phase 2 Work

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The painter and the observer - Andres Arroyo
Creative Writing

Based on Transience by Ebru Kur

Artist Statement:

The painter and the observer is a conversation, a playful interaction with one self that can be as meaningful or as insignificant as one would want. It ends up being a sort of trap that we all encounter from time to time, if and when we make that time to be with ourselves. That time that society seems to want to extinguish from our own individuality becomes the objective of an internal quest. It is time itself that defines who we are, but it is in each of us to discover it.



Phase 1 Work

Go Further Back - Andres Arroyo
Creative Writing

Artist Statement:

A time of crisis forces you to retrieve to the basics, to the essential, to whatever and whomever is closer, to the real you. For most of us the time that has passed between 2019 - 2022 feels like a lifetime ago but also like it was yesterday, but before that I'm not really sure anymore. The more I think about it the more I realize that before the streets were empty there was not much more than the rushing, the consuming, the faster, the never-ending thirst for more. 
Going back to normal was never an option and rightly so! We might not yet be used to grasping the dynamics of social behavior in a global scale but I feel it is very important we never neglect our individuality. By nature, we are individuals first, that is what's essential for each of us. In a time of crisis we might only have ourselves. 
So go back, not just before the pandemic, go further back. To when you felt something important, when you were at peace with yourself, to where there is no pressure, no rush. Go back to where your memory takes you, see for yourself what makes you you. Bring that back and keep it.



Artist: Andres Arroyo
Program: Arts Administration and Cultural Management

Andres Arroyo is a storyteller at heart. He is a Toronto-based Photographer by day and independent artist on his free time. Graduated of Humber's Arts Administration & Cultural Management program in 2021, Andres’ skills are supplemented by his Media Production background. A path that has taken him trough various roles; Videographer, Sound designer, Video Editor and Director for many independent and commercial projects alike on film and TV. Andres is also passionate about the cultural industry - its impact on the community, and its vital role in society.  


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