Charmi Mehta - Reactivation x NFT

Phase 2 Work

Joy of Living - Charmi Mehta
Pen, gouache, gold ink

Based on Adage by Erica Thi

Artist Statement:

As I read the beautiful poem by Erica Thi ‘Adage’ I felt that life is so simple yet colourful. I was awestruck by the way the poet described simple joys in life such as dance, food and art. This reminded me of my last trip to India in November 2022 where I visited City Palace of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The Palace is indeed huge and historic! ‘Joy of living’ is inspired by one such spot I came across at this great palace known as the peacock courtyard (mor chowk). It consisted of a total of 5 peacocks made up of mosaics inside decorated glass on the walls of the courtyard. As the new year begins, just like the peacock’s seven colours, we must embrace our different moods and dance along with it to experience joy!



Phase 1 Work

Alone not a-lone - Charmi Mehta
Pen, gouache, gold ink

Artist Statement:

The artwork depicts that she is brave enough to walk alone but she is not ‘a-lone’. The intricate design above her depicts that she is walking out of a palace and that she is bold and unstoppable to live this life on her own.  
During pandemic, there was a room of loneliness. Just me. I learnt that it’s okay to walk this path alone but not to be a-lone and feel sad or depressed about it. Rather keep going for your dreams and be unstoppable.



Artist: Charmi Mehta
Program: Global Business Management

Hi, I’m Charmi Mehta originally from Mumbai, India. I moved to Toronto in 2019 and continued my art journey as a process to heal myself and gain positivity. My childhood involved travelling from mountain to mountain, through rivers and back home. I observed, captured and left inspired by the intricacy, people, culture, art, history from my homeland India and all things that made me feel and awaken. A feather like symbol is more obvious in my recent works and is inspired by the national bird of India peacock which denotes power, strength and divinity.

I hope anyone who comes across my work is able to inhale positivity in some way. My original works are made of gouache/watercolour, gold ink, pen, hand embroidery.

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