The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, in partnership with the Centre for Creative Business Innovation of Humber College, is proud to announce its inaugural post-secondary design challenge, AFFECT

AFFECT is a design competition that explores not only how design can change the way we act, but also how we feel about our world. 

In this year’s design competition, we would like to address the lack of diversity of visitors to contemporary art galleries, and explore ways to make galleries more inclusive and accessible. In particular, we would like students to address the following: 

How might we expand the community of contemporary art visitors, and engage a more diverse and representative community for contemporary art museums and galleries? 


We welcome ideas, concepts, prototypes or any format of contribution! 

More information about the competition can be found in the brief HERE.


Deadline: 11:59pm on Thursday, May 6, 2021 

To enter the competition, please complete this entry form:

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