Aleksandra Volkova - Siemens Art Call 2022



The Road We Build by Aleksandra Volkova

Winning Artwork

Medium: Digital artwork, hand-drawn in Photoshop

Artist Statement:

"Speaking of technology, the most important thing which occurs to me, is its tight connection with our future. People have been enhancing technology since ancient times and I see it as an infinite road that leads to the progress of our society and improves the lives of billions with each new invention. Every project created by scientists, engineers and professionals from all over the world contributes to implementing changes in various areas of life: transport system and mobility, healthcare and safety, medicine and treatments.

After considering the topic for some time, I came to the conclusion that a puzzle is a good metaphor for the topic of technology shaping our planet. There is never an easy answer to the question of science and the evolution of technology is never a straight road. Only we can shape our future and fit all the puzzle pieces together so in the end, we may get a nicely shaped infrastructure created with the purpose to make people's lives better."


Artist: Aleksandra Volkova

Humber College Program: 3D Animation Diploma

Artist Bio:

My name is Aleksandra Volkova and I am an international student from Moscow, Russia. I am an illustrator and an animator and I am very passionate about art and culture! My favorite art themes are family and love and I enjoy when my works make people feel something. I see my goal as an artist in making our reality and society a bit more happier.


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