Ali Brown


Artist • Ali Brown
Humber Program • Visual and Digital Arts Student
Works • Stablemates
On Display • January - April 2020
Location • Humber Lakeshore Campus - A Building Main Hallway

Artist's Statement:
"Stablemates is part of a series of automatic/intuitive drawings of jazz standards. In the process of this artwork I would listen to a small section of tune and choose the colour of material I thought best fit. Then, I would place a star indicating the start whilst listening to the tune start to finish. I swapped between materials (colour and medium) and made marks based on what I was hearing. Finally, I put a star to indicate the end. The drawing does feel a bit chaotic, but I did use a 'continuous' line creating flow. The colours, lines, line weight, and little doodles all work to convey how the song 'visually sounded' to me." 



See more of Ali's work at:
Instagram • @goblin.girl