Behzad Danesh - Reactivation


Face No. 2 by Behzad Danesh


Inspired by: Untitled (Face No. 2) by Heather Graham

Artist Statement:

When I first saw Untitled (Face No. 2) by Heather Graham, all I wanted to do was to capture the girl’s facial expression. Although the way she looks carries a sense of apathy and numbness, she looks uneasy and concerned, as if she is wondering about something unknown.

In my soundtrack, I address her insensibility at the beginning of the song through the melody and after transforming it into a hazy chorus that represents her contemplation.

Talking about the painting, it implies an aloofness from the viewer as it reveals the shape when we are standing at a distance. So, I suggest the keyboard and the guitar like they are being heard from a distance. Additionally, Graham's technique of removal and erasure inspired me to delete parts of my prerecorded sounds to make some unexpected silent moments in the music.

In the last section of the song, the bass and the drum disappear and the foggy sounds take place though they are far away from focus. Just like the final version of Graham's artwork that is pale, but still effective. About the title, I love the idea to stick with Graham's naming, a face that I couldn't easily define, but I will remember: Face No. 2



Artist: Behzad Danesh
Program: Bachelor of Music - Guitar

Born in Yazd, Iran, I started playing guitar at age of 18, while being a fulltime pharmacy student. soon I found my self obsessed with sounds and creating music in a more of experimental and self-approaching way. After a while I was fortunate enough to arrange and compose music for some talented Iranian artists which continues to today. I decided to develop my skills and abilities by being a music student at Humber when I moved to Canada in 2019. Artistically, I'm trying to develop my own sound by utilizing inspirations from Iranian music and Jazz but not limited to it. I enjoy exploring the unknown and not limiting my self to a certain genre of music.


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