Carlos Charris


Artist • Carlos Charris
Humber Program • Photography Student
On Display • September - December 2019
Location • Humber Lakeshore Campus - B Building Cafeteria

Artist Statement •
Gaming culture these days is all about fast-paced action and social competition. Though I was exposed to my fair share of those types of video games growing up, my happiest childhood memories come from single-player RPG, strategy and simulation games. I had been meaning to produce a visual of those experiences for a long time, but it wasn’t until the commercial photography courses at Humber that I learned the visual grammar needed to bring the idea to life. The resulting image purposefully steers away from the reflective edges and bright neons typically associated with video games, relying instead on calm earthy tones and elegant long curves as means of emphasizing the more gentle but transformative experiences one might have when enjoying a single-player game."



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