CCBI & Humber Galleries Fellowships


How many Fellowships can I apply to? 

You may apply for up to three (3) Fellowships if your skills match the requirements for the opportunity. You must apply to each Fellowship separately - each application requires a new form to be completed. 


How long are the Fellowships? 

Fellowships are 16 weeks long. 


Are the Fellowships a remote or in-person opportunity? 

The Fellowships are a hybrid opportunity. Successful candidates will be required to work both remotely and in person at either Humber Lakeshore and/or North Campus (depending on the project needs). Incumbents must have access to their own computer and high-speed Internet.  

How many hours per week are the Fellowships? 

Fellowships are 24 hours per week. Typically, Fellows will have a regular schedule of 3 weekdays. 


When do the Fellowships start? When do they end? 

Fellowships begin on May 6, 2024 and end on August 23, 2024. 


Who is eligible to apply? 

Students currently enrolled in a program at Humber College and University of Guelph-Humber are eligible to apply for The Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI) and Humber Galleries Fellowship Program.  

All students (domestic and international) are welcome to apply. 

All domestic students must provide proof they have applied to the 2023-2024 Work-Study program or have been approved by the 2023-2024 Work-Study program. 


Is this a paid opportunity?    

Yes. The rate of pay is indicated on the job description on CareerConnect. 

Will I be able to use this opportunity for field experience hours? 

Typically, our Fellows are successfully able to use this opportunity for their field experience hours. However, applicants are responsible for speaking with your placement advisor to confirm and get approval for the opportunity to count. 


I’m currently a Humber student, but I will be graduating in the spring/summer and not returning to Humber. Can I still apply? 



If I participated in the Fellowships before, can I apply again this year? 

Yes, you can reapply again this year. Preference will be given to applicants who have not participated in the Fellowships before, and past Fellows are highly encouraged to apply to a different Fellowship than they previously participated in. 


I made a mistake on my application/forgot something/want to change something. Can I re-submit my application form? 

Yes. Up until the deadline, you are allowed to re-submit your application. However, only the most recent application submission will be considered. 


When are applications due? 

Applications close Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST. 


What can I do to make my application stand out? 

Since the Fellowships are collaborative, interdisciplinary opportunities, we look for a variety of qualities in our Fellows, and what we’re looking for can change from year to year based on our applicant pool. 
However, applicants that have clearly tailored their application materials to their specific Fellowship and have a clear understanding of what the Fellowship entails and how they will fit into it are typically more competitive. 


Who are the project leads for each Fellowship? Who do I address my cover letter to? 

The project leads for each Fellowship are: 

Culture’s Compass Fellowship – Hana Glaser and Kristen Turner 

Graphic Medicine Fellowship – Tuhin Giri 

Intercultural Music Fellowship – Agneya Chikte 

Nuit Blanche Fellowship – Casey Norris 

TinyTO Fellowship – Kyla Ross and Brian Pham 


Will the projects this year be the same as last year? 

No. While the Fellowships typically have the same general goals and elements each year, the expected outcomes are flexible. Fellows take a lead role in determining the vision and plan for their project. The Fellowships are a creative, collaborative opportunity, and we want the outcomes to reflect the skills and interests of each unique Fellowship cohort.  


The Fellowship Application asks for supporting materials (e.g., work samples), but my work isn’t visual. How can I provide supporting materials? 

We use the term “supporting materials” intentionally – we want to see any materials that show us you have the skills you say you have. These aren’t exclusively things like graphics, designs, or performance recordings - they can also be things like project planning spreadsheets or social media strategies.  

If you have further questions about your supporting materials, feel free to e-mail us at ccbi [at] 

My question wasn’t answered here/I need further clarification. Who can I contact? 

You can contact ccbi [at]

with further questions.