Cindy Lam - Siemens Art Call 2022


Blueprint of Our Future by Cindy Lam

Winning Artwork

Medium: Digital Photography

Artist Statement:

"Our future is dependent on the growth of society through new ideas, infrastructure, the past, communication, diverse backgrounds, and so on.

In order to maintain that future, we need to seek out sustainable opportunities, while recognizing the challenges we need to face in order to survive. Without being an active participant, we will create an unpleasant future for subsequent generations.

This is what this piece symbolizes. Through the metaphor of plants, technology has been built based on a blueprint. Through this blueprint, we have built infrastructures so new ideas can be created and flourish. These ideas come from various sources, just as there are different plants in the image. They work together with the environment in order to grow and to produce seeds.

These seeds will go on and continue the process to build stronger, smarter plants with better materials, knowledge and experience. Technology, like the plants, follow the same path. Each year we progress, our technology has become better and has helped with society’s progress (if used properly).

With technology, individuals are able to communicate with others locally or from different parts of the world. Although individuals come from different cultures and backgrounds, communication varies, but the physical components stay consistent. With electricity, computer chips, circuits and software, individuals are able to seek what they want and need from whoever, wherever and whenever. It will always have the sole purpose in supporting society’s needs.

This is why technology has a purpose. Through technology,

We develop new ideas.

We communicate.

We collaborate.

We grow.

We do not forgot the past.

We learn from our mistakes and move on.

We need to be sustainable.

We need to inspire.

We have hope for the future.

We will survive."


Artist: Cindy Lam

Humber College Program: Photography

Artist Bio:

Cindy Lam is a Humber College alumni and current student. Since she graduated from Humber College in 2004, Cindy worked as a tax accountant. Because of personal reasons, she decided to go into the creative field. Because photography was one of her favourite hobbies, she decided to use this medium to showcase her creative talents and pursuits.

Cindy is currently a student in the Photography program at Humber College, where she is learning studio and Photoshop techniques. She is also learning traditional forms of photography (including cyanotypes), which inspired this particular artwork.

Cindy’s artistic style can be described as clean, sharp, colourful, inspirational, and whimsical with a creative flair. She focuses mainly on travel and documentary photography. However, due to COVID and anti-Asian rhetoric, she had to find other forms of photography to learn and produce, such as studio and photo editing to progress in her career. She has done portrait, commercial, architecture, photo editing, etc. while being a student at Humber College.


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