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Girls on Brooms by Erica Thi

A black cat sits at her side
The height is hardly a concern in their eye
This clanking cog-filled curiosity crones
This day’s deliveries have ended too soon

But have no worry for further fun
The moon will dip and the sun will run
Above the mountains and light the sky
Where airships and girls on booms fly

Over fields of wildflowers
And desolate towns in the noon hours
From city streets to park meets
All this captured if you look and seek

Packages tied with string and filled with-sours?
Bready sweets or chocolate treats?
Magic wonders that keep hearts a-beat?

Mech feet
Rumble the ground
A gigantic creation once dreary now found
Its magic entwined in its forged nature
What lies within? Who can say for sure?
What purpose? What meaning?
What silent face and held in keening?

She doesn’t know and never might
But a friend that stays is quite alright
Yes, some must go on their way
Back to the forest hills and places we can never say

Wish them well and don’t look back
Try to memorize the sight you’ll lack
It blurs and warps behind thick tears
The glowing automaton will still be here

Girls on brooms travel till the day is old
Finding ways to turn water to gold
Breaking curses with inner strength
Learning loss and lessons at length


Inspired by: Lunch Break by Greig Sanders

Artist Statement:

This poem was inspired by Greig Sanders’ Lunch Break, which features a blend of Ghibli influence, high-tech and futuristic mech and a picturesque scenery. This poem attempts to capture the wonder, unexpected adventure and tearful ending Lunch Break would surely evoke if it moved on the page.





Artist: Erica Thi
Program: Advertising Media Management

Erica Thi has been writing stories since she was a child and often returns to poetry and writing as a creative outlet. Her inspiration is everything from classical and romantic poetry to contemporary modern plays directly from the Toronto theatre scene. Erica enjoys creating flowery descriptions as well as humorous work that is good for a laugh.