A captivating interdisciplinary art installation created by the 2023 Nuit Blanche Fellowship that centers around the theme of unifying geometry. Through a combination of floor installations, mural paintings, sculptures, and AR (interactive augmented reality) elements, the exhibit offers a unique and immersive artistic experience.



This interdisciplinary art installation delves into the concept of personal growth, achievement, and the unification of diverse elements in perfect harmony. Developed in response to the theme of “Breaking Ground” this immersive experience employs geometric hard-edge shapes to captivate and inspire viewers. Going beyond the confines of traditional gallery walls, this installation encompasses a multi-dimensional approach, blending 2D, 3D, and augmented reality (AR) art forms in an interactive manner. By transforming the space into a captivating realm, “UNIPLEX” invites visitors to engage with the artwork on an experiential level, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection. Inspired by the inherent beauty found in geometry and diversity, this project serves as a celebration of the harmonious coexistence of contrasting elements. Through carefully crafted floor installations, vibrant mural paintings, and sculptures brought to life through viewer interaction and AR, the installation unfolds as a mesmerizing visual symphony that emphasizes both the diversity and interconnectedness of all things.



2023 Fellows

Ashley Aalto

Georgia Acheampong

Tristan Bolton

Natalie Chiu

Justin Ho

Konrad Karczewski

Ebru Kur

Cesar Melo


Creative Producer - Elham Fatapour





The 2023 Nuit Blanche Fellowship team would like to thank staff from Humber College and the City of Toronto, and the many mentors they’ve met along the way. They would especially like to recognize the ongoing support of Humber Galleries and Humber's Centre for Creative Business Innovation.



Humber Galleries and Humber’s Centre for Creative Business Innovation are pleased to partner with the City of Toronto’s annual Nuit Blanche event by establishing the Nuit Blanche Fellowship. Under the supervision and mentorship of a Creative Producer and Humber Galleries staff, a team of multi-disciplinary students and alumni are invited to explore their individual artistic talents, while working together on the ideation and production of a single and dynamic artistic project inspired by Nuit Blanche’s curatorial theme.

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