Jasmine Cowan - Siemens Art Call 2022


Preservation by Jasmine Cowan

Juror's Selection

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement:

"With this artwork, I wanted to capture what I believe to be the ultimate purpose of technology - preservation. 

We hope for technology to preserve our health, our lives, and our planet. This painting was inspired by the landscapes painted by Group of Seven artist, Lawren Harris. It shows a vivid Canadian mountain landscape accented by wind turbines in the distance. My greatest hope is that future generations will be able to see these landscapes as Lawren Harris saw them - beautifully preserved and protected by technology. 

Technology with purpose is not loud or boastful. It is simple, clean, and unobtrusive. It clears the path for all the gifts that only life can bring us."


Artist: Jasmine Cowan

Humber College Program: Visual and Digital Arts

Artist Bio:

I am a student artist attending Humber College after receiving my business degree from Nipissing University. I worked for several years in the steel fabrication industry, and later found my place creating art demonstrations for an art supply company. I spent many years creating and showing handcrafted homeware pieces as a self-taught artist. I decided to come to Humber College to try and take my work to the next level, moving from handicrafts into fine art.


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