Krystal Moodie



Artist • Krystal Moodie
Works • Cone Series
Humber Program • Photography Alumni
On Display • January - April 2020
Location • Humber Lakeshore Campus - A Building Concourse

Artist Statement •
"Cones is the third installment of a series of work exploring colours, shapes, and textures. In photographing bright, vivid colours I can express myself in ways I normally can't."




Works • Framed Series
On Display • January - April 2020
Location • Humber North Campus - D Building Hallway

Artist Statement •
"My 'Framed' series captures the vivid colors of food, within the confines of a hand painted frame. I hope to convey the beauty of food, with all its imperfections, whilst limiting the contents to the confines of a frame."



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