Lexxie Santana-Munoz - Reactivation


Vannsk in the Glow by Lexxie Santana-Munoz (Duende)


Inspired by: Glowing In The Dark by Jacob Soucy

Artist Statement:

Short video featuring fantasy characters interacting with a blue haired bartender. I was inspired by the sound of the Glowing in the Dark to think of lounge style music, taking inspiration from story style video games and other media. Using animatic style to mimic animation I tried to create a good video style.



Artist: Lexxie Santana-Munoz (Duende)
Program: Visual and Digital Arts

Duende is an artist working and living within Canada, born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. Having spent the majority of their life developing their own skills in drawing, painting and digital work. Recently learning how to utilize digital programs, animation/animatic's to gain an audience online and engage with people.



Process Images