Rubie Rose Rumbaoa - Siemens Art Call 2022


Through the Touch of Technology by Rubie Rose Rumbaoa

Winning Artwork

Medium: Digital Painting

Artist Statement:

"Technology has come so far in this world that it is so difficult to see life without it. The development of humankind has progressed so quickly due to the technological advancements throughout the years.

The benefits that we have seen from technology are quite beautiful especially in the most difficult situations. Technology assists and encourages human interaction no matter your location. 'Through the Touch of Technology' emphasizes the digital age and how it has so seamlessly become a part of our everyday life. The achromatic hand reaching out from the water symbolizes humankind and our struggles. The blue illuminated hand symbolizes technology and its purpose to help us. Rather than understanding technology as our saviour, the brightest point within this work shown between both fingertips emphasizes the connection made between humans and technology.

This piece is a reminder than technology was created by humankind, with the intent to be useful for us and the environment around us. The stars shown both in the illuminated hand and throughout the sky is a reminder that technology quietly touches and impacts the lives of others and will continue to be used to develop this world for the better."


Artist: Rubie Rose Rumbaoa

Humber College Program: Bachelor of Interior Design

Artist Bio:

Since a very early age, art has spoke volumes in my life. Every object, individual, and experience intrigues me because of the ways in which they can be interpreted.

Art is present in all aspects of life and there is no limit to creating. The impact that art has is infinite and so beautiful to experience each day. As an aspiring interior designer, learning about this industry has heightened my appreciation for all things art and design. Design has allowed for me to come back to my passion for creating. Whether it be school, work, or everyday life, there is so much to see and appreciate.

Art allows for me to express myself and my thoughts to the world without an explanation.


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