Ali Brown - Reactivation

The grass is greener when you stand your ground. by Ali Brown


Inspired by: KADIN by Ece Aydin

Artist Statement:

Whilst watching the dance piece “Kaydin” by Ece Aydin a few times over, and reading the description provided, I brainstormed words, themes and colours that came to my mind. Common occurrences of themes were bold, standing ground, power, and femininity.  

Considering colour symbolism, I thought of Red and Black as power, strength, boldness, passion. Pink, as a stereotypical “feminine” colour and Green as a symbol of growth and fertility. With this process, I then came up with the title “The grass is greener when you stand your ground”. From there, I began the artwork realization. 

In my art practice, I like to use uncommon or unconventional materials to make marks. In this piece I used a leaf/blade off a fake plant, as well as my feet to make prints with acrylic paint. The light green grass with hints of light pink are representative of expectations, standards, even stereotypes of women (fertility, pink being a “Woman’s colour”). The footprints to the right of the image represent a woman, standing her ground. Under the woman’s feet is dark green grass, nurtured and growing (green= nature and growth) from the power, strength and impact the woman holds and is asserting.  



Artist: Ali Brown
Program: Visual and Digital Arts

Ali Brown is an emerging contemporary mixed media artist who is focused on documenting the present and reflecting on her past. She is currently located in Etobicoke, Ontario where she is studying Visual and Digital Arts at Humber College. Brown has recently been featured in Humber Galleries “​Campus As A Canvas​" initiative. Her work can be seen in Humber College’s upcoming virtual FMCA graduate exhibition show “​Current​”, as well as the upcoming virtual ​In Situ Multi Arts Festival​: “The Lost Museum”. Following her Humber graduation, she hopes to pursue a BFA and follow pathways thereafter to become an arts educator.

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