Ece Aydin - Reactivation


KADIN by Ece Aydin


Inspired by: Veerangana by Dwit Hathi

Artist Statement:

Inspired by the theme of 'woman warrior' and the fantastic composition by Dwit Hathi, I explored the awakening of female heroic energy and its potency upon discovery. I wanted to embody a journey of waking up to your own power as a woman. I further asked myself how women can break patriarchal boundaries without losing feminine values. Embracing strength, courage, decisiveness and ambition without losing empathy, compassion and nurture. I wanted muscle and bone to have divine female power.

I grew up wishing I was a boy. At least I thought I wished I was a boy. What I actually wanted was to have (seemingly) more potential in my life, beyond expected reproductive capabilities. I was told I could do anything I wanted in life but I never believed it because we tend to believe mostly what we see. Now, after a lifetime of being conditioned by patriarchal attitudes, I'm spending this new chapter, trying to break the mold that has confined me. It is why I strongly connect with this beautiful and inspired music/theme, and feel thankful for the opportunity to imagine it through movement.


This work inspired The grass is greener when you stand your ground. by Ali Brown






Artist: Ece Aydin
Program: Theatre Performance