Lakshay Khandelwal - Reactivation

Dance in a dreamscape by Lakshay Khandelwal


Inspired by: Patterned Pendulum by Sophia Malbarosa

Artist Statement:

The painting is a raw manifestation of my reaction towards a woman who is dancing in a dreamy space which has elements resonating subconscious images that are sometimes observed in dreams. The raw treatment of paint as well as abrupt and instantaneous strokes almost in an abstract expressionist way are put on the canvas to produce a sensation that I felt during the moment. The raw imageries of figures, faces and leaky forms explores the subconscious imageries to give a composition more surreal and dreamy look. The windows and blocks are made to give a more open feel to the composition so a viewer doesn't feel confined in a room like space. The painting is a kind of fusion of surrealism, Neo expressionism and abstract expressionism.



Artist: Lakshay Khandelwal
Program: Graphic Design for Print and Web

Toronto Based painter, Lakshay Khandelwal is a professional painter whose visual language speaks the complications of life in terms of distorted figures, faces and compositions. He likes to portray inner concerns of a human life and uses distortions and textures to support his sensations, imagination and philosophies related to life. He believes that decoration shouldn't be a part of a painting process and his canvases speaks a raw language where only those elements stay that speaks for themselves and rest of the useless things are eliminated in composition. He painted under the guidance of a prodigy Rameshwar Broota for two years in New Delhi.

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