Sophia Malbarosa - Reactivation


Patterned Pendulum by Sophia Malbarosa


Inspired by: Glacial Gyre by Matt Greenwood

Artist Statement:

When I listened to this music composition I was intrigued by the cold feeling from the instrument’s tone and melody. I strived to reflect this in the quality of my movement with long arm extensions contrasted by tense contractions as a response to a cold sensation, like the feeling of a winder wind hitting your face. What also caught my attention was the layered quality of the sounds. I mirrored this in my movement through repetitive motions like a pendulum where my arm and leg would swing back and forth in some of the layered masking frames. This process was challenging for me because lately, it’s been difficult to gather creative vision and bring it to life. This piece reflects that daily struggle of developing perspective in a mundane routine. The ability to create works of art, like this one, is my small but mighty act of resilience; it’s a reminder to rise just as the sun does and take things slow and steady.


This work inspired Dance in a dreamscape by Lakshay Khandelwal





Artist: Sophia "Pia" Malbarosa
Program: Theatre Production

Sophia, also known as Pia, is a Filipina-Canadian artist who explores movement and design to curate stories and to cultivate community in every space she steps foot in. She is an aspiring multidisciplinary designer with a focus on set, lighting and sound. Her works include collaborating with live musicians and spoken word artists in raising awareness about mental health to creating an interactive gallery that challenges her school’s perspective on the immigrant experience. Pia is currently immersed in the world of technical production but she still finds a way to sprinkle in her classical ballet background in everything she does. She is always near a plate of garlic fried rice and considers every floor a ‘dance floor.’

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