Lian M (Nimbos) - Reactivation


Deep Dive In Green by LianM (Nimbos)


Inspired by: Droplets by Lila Ravelle

Artist Statement:

When it comes to making pieces based on songs or sounds, I generally go with whatever my brain forms while I'm listening to it. While listening to the beautiful composition by Lila Ravelle, the first thing I pictured was a forest. There's this blissful calmness to it with a tinge of loneliness that creeps in as I listen to it. I tried my best to convey those feelings in this piece.





Artist: Lian M (Nimbos)
Program: Visual & Digital Arts

Hello there! I'm Lian Menezes (Nimbos) and I'm a digital artist/aspiring concept artist from Brazil, now residing in Toronto.


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