Melinda Komuves

Looking by Melinda Komuves


Location: Humber College Lakeshore Campus - A Building Concourse

Medium: Photography

Artist Statement:

Photography has the invaluable ability to communicate thoughts and ideas, while also capturing the meaning of memory. It creates a tangible trail of evidence, describing without words what has already taken place. It does not matter what language someone speaks or where they may live – sometimes people can understand a picture just by looking at it.  

I believe birth photography offers a rare opportunity to capture a once in a lifetime moment. It also brings attention to how difficult and painful it can be to go through labor and deliver a child. This image is called Looking and was taken earlier this year during a home birth in Brampton. The newborn baby, blissfully unaware of what has just transpired, is being photographed as he enters the world. All the little details of that special night are captured in this one photo: a proud mother quickly snapping a picture of her new son on her cellphone; a father, lost in a loving gaze while cradling his baby boy in his arms; and me, the photographer, invisible to the viewer, but bearing witness to this momentous occasion through my lens. I am here, but I am not. I am just a maker of memories. Nonetheless, birth photography has forever changed my own perception of motherhood. I want other people to remember the magic of creating life – and how pain and love can co-exist in one spectacular moment. 


Artist: Melinda Komuves | Humber College Photography Student

Artist Bio:

Melinda Komuves was born and raised in Hungary. A mother of four young children, she got into photography as a way of capturing their early lives and important milestones. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with the medium and left her Early Childhood Education career behind to pursue photography full time. As a photographer, Melinda hopes to impart the gift of memory onto her clients so that they may cherish a particular moment forever. She believes photography to be the most universal form of expression, as it has the potential to connect all individuals regardless of age, gender, or language. Melinda is currently enrolled in the Photography program at Humber College.


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