Pratibha Dixit - Reactivation

From Captivity to Freedom by Pratibha (Tiba) Dixit


Inspired by: Inner Captivity by Mina Zaghari

Artist Statement:

Based on Inner Captivity by Mina Zaghari, I observed her dance moves and created a series of images. In image 1, I highlighted the inner captivity, showing how one is imprisoned in a box, feeling suffocated. In the second image, I froze the moment of escape and in the final image I focused on a hand, it’s fingers dramatically lit, pointing upwards, thus feeling the light of freedom.

In all three images, my main subject has been the hands. It takes us back to the source painting of the Reactivation project i.e ‘Bottled Water’ by Jutai Toonoo, from where this creative project began. I feel that with Dhaivat’s music composition and Mina’s contemporary dance moves, my images perfectly complete this project.





Artist: Pratibha "Tiba" Dixit
Program: Photography

A passionate photographer, observer and a patient listener, Pratibha Dixit (Tiba), through her skills, aims to produce meaningful and spectacular images while projecting an outlook of enjoyment, patience and understanding, thus creating images that stand out from the crowd and composing them into beautiful frames.

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