Tatiana Gorbal

The View by Tatiana Gorbal


Location: Humber College International Graduate School - 6th Floor Hallway

Medium: Photography

Artist Statement:

The art of memory-making can be quite complex. However, I believe it is what helps make us who we are today. Memories may haunt us or sustain us, but either way they can define and shape our present and our future selves.

As a photographer, sometimes it’s hard to live in the present moment because the only thing I want to do is capture it with my camera. I used to fight the urge to take pictures of everything just for the sake of it, until I realized that to live through an experience, to truly understand my emotions at that exact point in time, it is necessary for me to recall it later through photography. This allows me an opportunity to reflect, absorb, and understand what transpired, which brings me a feeling of fulfillment that I could never have experienced without my camera at the ready. 

In today’s rapidly changing world, people often forget to see the bigger picture. But in The View, I am reminded of a cold winter evening by the seashore. The water was very still, like glass, and there was nobody around. Everything was so calm and quiet, I almost forgot to breathe. This artwork is a reminder to open your eyes and take it all in. You just never know when it will be the last time you see a loved one or experience something truly magical. 


Artist: Tatiana Gorbal | Humber College Global Business Management Student

Artist Bio:

Tatiana Gorbal was born in Russia. Growing up in a city, she was never really interested in nature, but was always exposed to art and culture. A dancer for over 14 years, she learned how to tell stories and see different perspectives through sound and movement. During an exchange year in the UK, Tatiana’s interest in photography cultivated into a passion inspired by nature and people. Years later, she dove deeper into videography, fashion photography, and portraiture. A large part of Tatiana’s artistic expression is centered around capturing a subject’s unique beauty on camera. She is currently enrolled in the Global Business Management program at Humber College.


See more of Tatiana's work at:

www.behance.net/tanyagorbal | www.instagram.com/tanyagorbal